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About Us


CalTENT is a full service party rental company that has been run by the three Callender brothers since 2006. Jack, Jamie, and Tyler Callender have built the company from one tent into a full service event rental company.

Our Story.

We like to think that we have a pretty fascinating story. Back in 2006 Jack was in 11th grade, Jamie was in 9th and Tyler was in elementary school. Their father had experience in renting a tent to a car dealership back when he was younger. One day the Callender boys had come home to find that their parents had bought them a 20x40 foot tent; little did they know what would be built from that. In the Callender house the boys were taught to focus on "Hard Work", this attitude has taken the boys too another level in the rental industry.

Why Caltent?

CalTENT treats every event like its their own. No matter the size of your event, we promise to give you the attention to detail that every customer deserves and needs.